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MACS Course Topics

  • Multicultural and global issues in popular culture, media, and film
  • Political implications of global multimedia conglomerates
  • Girls and youth in film, television, and new media
  • Impact of digital technology on news and entertainment
  • Growth and development of the art of media and film from the point of view of aesthetics, narrative and ideology
  • The importance of culture and identity in US film and media — for example, films and media produced by, for, and about African Americans, Asian Americans, Latina/os, and Jewish Americans
  • The rise of national cinemas and their relation to Hollywood
  • Understanding sexuality and LGBTQ issues through film and media

Courses and Programs of Study

The department offers a B.S. in Media and Cinema Studies (with two concentration options: Media Studies or Cinema Studies), an Undergraduate Minor in Cinema Studies, and a Graduate Minor in Cinema Studies.

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