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Master of Science in Advertising

About the M.S. in Advertising

Foundational Background

We are proud to call ourselves the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising. Advertising education was founded here at the University of Illinois in 1946. In a 1951 Advertising Age article, Sandage described his view of the “fundamental objective” of an advertising education:

“To develop well-rounded individuals with a sound, basic education and some specialized knowledge of advertising methods and practices, rather than turn out advertising technicians or specialists.”

Today, we uphold “The Sandage Way” with a new curriculum that provides students with the breadth and depth necessary to succeed in today’s fast-moving media industry.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are recognized for their outstanding scholarship in advertising, communications, and consumer psychology and for their excellence in teaching at the University.

Several faculty members also have professional experience in the advertising industry or other marketing communication organizations.