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Master of Science in Advertising

Graduate Courses

ADV 550 Foundations of Advertising (3 hours, REQUIRED)
Explores the development of American advertising through the 20th and into the early 21st century. Analyzes and evaluates American advertising through these primary areas: ethics, advertising philosophies, advertising structure, advertising education, its broader social impact, the role of media and technologies, and its place within a global framework.

ADV580 Advertising Theory (3 hours, REQUIRED)
Reviews classic and contemporary theories used in advertising research and practice with multidisciplinary emphasis. Through reading, discussion and independent research, students will understand how basic social science and humanities research and advertising scholarship are related; how theories and concepts are applied, adapted, constrained and combined when applied to advertising and other communication issues; and how research evolves over time.

ADV581 Quantitative Research Methods (3 hours, REQUIRED)
Provides students with an overview of quantitative research methodology in advertising and consumer behavior. Students will learn appropriate uses and techniques for conducting exploratory (e.g., focus groups, literature searches), descriptive (e.g., observational techniques, surveys), and casual (randomized- and quasi-experiments) research. Ethical considerations in research, and limitations of quantitative research will play an important role throughout the course. Students will learn basic descriptive and inferential statistical analyses to help analyze, and make sense of quantitative data. Prerequisite: Basic statistics course.

ADV 582 Qualitative Research Methods (3 hours, REQUIRED)
Qualitative Analysis in Advertising provides students with an understanding of the multiple qualitative methods used in advertising and consumer research; a deeper examination of design and analysis issues are covered with focus on analysis of texts to uncover consumer insights and test advertising strategy.

ADV 587 Graduate Seminar I (3 hours, REQUIRED)
This seminar provides advertising students and faculty the opportunity to interact on significant topics. It draws on a wide range of perspectives to explore not only foundational theories and research in advertising, but also current issues, contemporary analytical approaches, and emerging trends in advertising scholarship and practice.

ADV588 Graduate Seminar II (3 hours, REQUIRED)
The purpose of this graduate class is to offer guidance for writing your individual project or thesis proposal

ADV 590 Special Topics in Advertising (2 or 4 hours, ELECTIVE CREDITS)
Instructor approval required. Examples of topics from the past few years include: Creative Concepts II; Digital Advertising; Global Advertising; Psychology of Advertising

ADV 598 Professional Project (6 hours, required, but students have the option of completing a thesis instead, pending departmental approval)
ADV599 Thesis Research (6 hours, with departmental approval)