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The College of Media at the University of Illinois offers the opportunities of a large university and the resources of a small college. Vast resources for research, including one of the largest university libraries in the country; access to world-renowned professionals and scholars; and opportunities for athletics, recreation, student organizations and social activities are combined with small class sizes, plenty of contact with professors and opportunities for leadership and growth.

Through its professional programs in advertising and journalism, the College of Media strives to give students a broad background in their chosen fields while ensuring that they acquire a solid foundation in the social sciences and humanities. The College's philosophy is that students need an understanding of people and the world in which they live if they are to communicate effectively through print and electronic media.

Through the nonprofessional media studies program, the College offers students an opportunity to study, analyze and critique modern communications media, again, with a firm foundation in the social sciences and humanities.

Four majors are offered by the College: Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, News-Editorial Journalism and Media Studies.

The Department of Advertising teaches students to understand consumer behavior and messages. Students learn to look at advertising as a reflection of social structure, as an art form and as a basis for community. Advertising majors draw on insights from psychology, sociology, history, literature and anthropology. Requirements in statistics and economics lay the foundation for advertising research.

The Institute of Communications Research prepares doctoral students in communications to examine and respond to concerns about the power of media, communication, information and persuasion; the need for critical analysis of media messages; the need for ethical and reasoned policies guiding the development of communication industries; and the need to ensure democratic access for all citizens. Students gain a broad education that sets the foundation for future study and/or careers in academia.

The Department of Journalism offers two sequences, Broadcast Journalism and News-Editorial Journalism. Students prepare for varied and long-term careers in areas such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television and online journalism. The primary aim is professional; students are trained as public affairs journalists, acquiring the knowledge and understanding required for excellence in journalism or related careers. Students become broadly educated professionals who eventually assume decision-making and leadership roles.

The Department of Media and Cinema Studies offers courses that consider ethnicities in a relational and contextual manner as well as courses that focus more centrally on particular ethnicities, including Latina/os, Asian Americans, and African Americans. In short, the Media Studies program brings together knowledge and values about these many dimensions of mediated communication and distills them into an undergraduate degree-granting curriculum that is interdisciplinary, critical and scholarly — and that is one of the few undergraduate degree programs in Media and Cinema Studies in the country.

The College of Media accepts undergraduate students as early as their sophomore year. For details, contact the Student Services Center.

The College of Media also operates Illinois Public Media (formerly WILL AM-FM-TV-Online) as the Division of Broadcasting.