Why should students attend this event?

A degree from the College of Media allows students to succeed in a wide range of career paths. At this event, students will gain career and professional development information and expand their professional networks by interacting with alumni. 

Here are a few student testimonials to back up this claim…

In January 2015, I attended my first Connecting Students and Alumni in the Windy City event. I gathered some great information from the breakout sessions that day. After one of the breakout sessions, I spoke with an employee of Upshot. We had a great conversation and I followed up with her via email the next day. For the next year, I continued to periodically check in with her. When it came time for my graduation (December 2015), I reached out about my upcoming graduation and how I was searching for a job. After learning this, she recommended me to the head of talent at Upshot who then reached out to me. This connection eventually led me to my first job, which I started in March 2016, at Upshot. All of this was made possible through my connection made at Connecting Students and Alumni in the Windy City.

Then, in January 2016, I attended the event for the second time. During the lunch session, I sat at a table with an account executive from SCC. We had a great conversation during that lunch, and again, I followed up via email the next day. We conversed via email for a while. A couple months later, I asked for an informational interview with the SCC employee, to which he gladly agreed. We had a great hour long conversation at SCC a couple weeks later. Although I ended up working at Upshot, we still keep in contact to this day. In this instance, I definitely feel as though I have gained an alumni mentor and will continue to stay in contact with this person.

Thanks to Media Career Services for this event and all of its help throughout my time at Illinois,

Mark Gilloffo | Advertising | 2015

At the 2017 event, I spoke with two Creative Directors who are currently helping me review my book to improve it.

David Hood | Advertising | 2019

As a freshman, I was unsure what alumni would be able to offer me, or what I could offer them due to my lack of experience. However, I have been greatly surprised with the amount of guidance many have offered me. In one specific instance from the 2016 event, after meeting an alumna who worked for WGN, I was put in contact with Robin Baumgarten, also an alum, who allowed me to shadow her on the morning news and has offered to help me further in my college career.

It’s amazing to get support like that from an Emmy winning anchor! 

Emily Steinmetz | Journalism | 2019

I interviewed for a summer internship as a result of passing my resume along through the alumni who sat at my table during lunch. 

Madeline Gissler | Advertising | 2017