The Illini Success initiative is comprised of campus-wide graduate outcomes data that can be broken down to the college - and in some cases, departmental - level.  The initiative provides data, based on response, about post-graduation activities, employment (including types, industries, employers, geographic locations, and annual salary), continuing education (including schools, areas of study, degrees sought, and geographic locations), and experiential learning participations and outcomes.

This information can be helpful to prospective students and their families, as well as current students, who may be wondering “what can I do with this major?” or “what difference will my U of I degree make?”

2016-2017 Illini Success Initiative, College of Media highlights

percent response rate

percent first destination

employment type


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To view all of the Illini Success annual reports, visit Illini Success.
Or, read the College of Media’s reports for 2014-20152015-2016 or 2016-2017.

Media Career Services has collected data independently, prior to the Illini Success initiative, since 2012. In looking at the data collectively, it shows an increasing trend in employment upon graduation.

comparison chart

If you’d like to see past years’ data that was collected by the College of Media prior to the Illini Success Initiative, click the links below: