An internship provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained from your academic studies in a practical, workplace setting. It is important to have an internship to gain:

  • an understanding about working in a specific field
  • experience that is often necessary to get hired for a full-time position
  • a network of professionals to reach out to for advice

It is never too early to do an internship. It is advisable to have more than one internship during your collegiate career, if possible. Students looking for the right internship should use Handshake @ Illinois and the Career Resources in conjunction with external searches and networking.

If you are contemplating an unpaid internship, be aware of the “primary beneficiary test” and the seven factors that are part of the test. Courts have used the “primary beneficiary test” to determine, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), whether an intern or student is an employee that requires compensation for work at a “for-profit” private sector employer.

Where have you interned?
If you have an internship to report from this past summer or school year, please complete this form.

Where have other College of Media students interned?
See our Internship Destination data.  Then, check out our weekly Intern Spotlight to see the types of internships that your peers are completing including insights on what they enjoyed and what was difficult, as well as their recommendations to other students about doing internships.

Internship Courses
As of Summer 2014, internship course approval and assistance will come directly from Media Career Services for all majors. Regardless of when you are applying for the internship course, your first stop should always be to the Student Services Center to pick up your enrollment form. Then, after completing the form, the next stop should be back to the Student Services Center to drop off the enrollment form for the course instructor to review for approval.

If approved for enrollment, you will receive an email containing information to register yourself for the course. Along with those instructions, the email will have a course packet attached for your review and use throughout the course.

If you are required to submit a letter of credit or any additional documentation for your internship, it will not be completed until after your enrollment form has been approved.