Beginning with the fifth week of classes each fall and spring, Media advisors meet with current Media students in preparation for registering for the upcoming term. We call this time frame Mandatory Advising. Freshmen-juniors in the College of Media must meet with their academic advisor before being allowed to register for the upcoming semester. While not specifically required, seniors may also request to meet with their advisor during the mandatory advising window. Students who do not complete their mandatory advising appointment will have an advising hold on their account and will be unable to register. 

Setting up your mandatory advising appointment:

Once you have received an email from your Media advisor about mandatory advising, you are clear to set up your appointment. You are encouraged to set up your time as soon as possible so that you can be advised before your time ticket for the next semester is available.

If your advisor is Dean Parrott, please call the Student Services Center at 217-244-4329 to set up your mandatory advising appointment. You may also come in to 18 Gregory Hall to get on his calendar.

For all other Media advisors, you will be scheduling your mandatory advising appointment through the Media Portal. Please note, the Portal is ONLY used for scheduling mandatory advising appointments during that time frame each semester. For appointments that do not coincide with mandatory advising, you should either email your advisor directly or call Student Services at 217-244-4329 to set up an appointment.

All appointments will be in 18 Gregory Hall. 

Pointers for mandatory advising:

  • If scheduling through the Portal, you will need to complete an advising worksheet online before choosing your appointment 
  • Only time slots that are colored green on your advisor’s calendar are open for advising appointments; you may make an appointment by clicking on an open time slot 
  • You can toggle between the weeks by clicking on the “Select Week” option at the top of the calendar
  • Your advisor will add in more appointments in following weeks as available slots fill
  • You may change your advising appointment through the Portal but you will  NOT be able to cancel or change an appointment less than 16 hours before the original start time
  • You MUST bring in a copy of an expanded degree audit report for your advising appointment
    • This is helpful in allowing you and your advisor to see what requirements you still need to work on
  • Be on time for your appointment
    • If you are late, you may be asked to reschedule as your advisor will continue on with his/her other appointments
  • Cell phones should not be brought to any advising appointment
  • Come prepared to talk about your next semester courses
    • This means doing some research on your own in terms of classes you are interested in and requirements you want to work on in the upcoming semester
  • If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will need to call Student Services at 217-244-4329 or email your advisor directly to reschedule