Watch a Media Class

See what it's like to take a virtual College of Media class! Watch a previously recorded class from Fall 2020. Choose from Advertising, Journalism, and Media & Cinema Studies classes.



ADV 311: Classic Campaigns, taught by Associate Professor Jason Chambers

In ADV 311, we study great advertising campaigns from the distant and recent past for brands like Nike, Apple, and BMW. Some are considered “great” because of their impact on the advertising industry. Others are known primarily for what they did for the product and client. And still others for the changes they caused in consumer behavior or societal ideals. In the process, students gain valuable insight into the creative process behind advertising. The video above focuses on Michael Jordan and his contract with Nike.


ADV 350: Writing for Public Relations, taught by Lecturer Marisa Peacock

During Week 3 of Writing for Public Relations (ADV 350), students are assigned a fictional organization for which they must write a variety of press materials throughout the course. Before they can begin, they need to complete a message architecture that allows them to articulate and visualize their organization’s communication goals. This class introduces students to the practice of developing a message architecture, its importance, and uses in creating effective brand messaging. 

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JOUR 199: New Media, Society & You, taught by Assistant Professor Christopher Ball

In this lecture, we delve into an exciting new form of journalism that harnesses the power of virtual reality (VR), called “immersive journalism.” Specifically, we discuss an article by Nonny de la Peña (aka, the “Godmother of VR”) as she establishes the concept of “immersive journalism.” With immersive journalism, our audiences can now experience the news.  


JOUR 200: Introduction to Journalism, taught by Clinical Assistant Professor Chris Evans

Watch a compilation of highlights from this Fall 2020 course, in which journalism majors learned practical skills, including how to report across multimedia platforms, and heard from a number of guest lecturers in the industry.


JOUR 210: Newsgathering Across Platforms, taught by Lecturer Alison Davis

In Journalism 210, students learn how to report across platforms. Students practice their fundamental journalism skills using new media. This semester it is being taught simultaneously in person and via Zoom so that everyone can participate. In the video, students discuss the presidential debate of Sept. 29, 2020. They were assigned to cover the debate via Twitter.


JOUR 215: Multimedia Reporting, taught by Associate Professor Charles "Stretch" Ledford

In Multimedia Reporting, students learn the fundamentals of digital photography, video, audio, and multimedia as it applies to journalism. In this lecture, students learn about writing pitches to media companies and discuss their upcoming video profile assignments.


JOUR 460: Extended Realities and Immersive Technologies, taught by Assistant Professor Christopher Ball (Recorded Spring 2020)

In this lecture, you are invited into my home (and lab, office, etc.) to learn about 360° photography and videography during quarantine. Specifically, I will cover some tips and tricks for shooting your own 360° pictures and video. Optionally, you can also watch this 360° video in a virtual reality headset for an immersive lecture experience.   



Media & Cinema Studies

MACS 140: Smartphone Cinema, taught by Lecturer Victor Font

Smartphone Cinema gives students a firsthand approach to the basic components, strategies, methodology, vocabulary, and techniques used to create commercials, short films, and all sorts of professional broadcasting images, using their own smartphone. Students learn through practical exercises and produce their own audiovisual projects. Throughout the term, students work on five different filming exercises. Class sessions also include training in the lab, learning smartphone camera operation, and basic digital editing using Premiere Pro CC 2020.


MACS 150: Introduction to Digital Media Production, taught by Lecturer Dora Valkanova

This lecture was part of the Portrait Photography Unit of MACS 150: Introduction to Digital Media Production. We discussed the camera-specific aspects of photographic exposure.