Advertising faculty and ICR students win honors at AAA conference

Eric, Michelle, Chang-Dae
University of Illinois Advertising Professors Michelle Nelson (center) and Chang-Dae Ham (right), along with Professor Eric Haley from the University of Tennessee (left) won two "Best Paper" awards at the AAA conference for their collaborative research.


At the American Academy of Advertising annual conference held March 24–27 in St. Petersburg, Florida, faculty from the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising and students from the Institute of Communications Research presented papers, served on panels, and won awards. Sela Sar, professor of advertising and director of the Institute of Communications Research, was elected president of AAA.


Associate Professor Chang-Dae Ham and Professor Michelle Nelson, along with Professor Eric Haley (University of Tennessee), received two "Best Paper" awards for their research in political advertising literacy:

Journal of Current lssues & Research in Advertising Best Article
Nelson, M. R., Ham, C. D., & Haley, E., "What do we know about political advertising? Not much! Political persuasion knowledge and advertising skepticism in the United States."

Journal of lnteractive Advertising Best Article
Nelson, Michelle R., Chang Dae Ham, Eric Haley, and Un Chae Chung (ICR student) (2021), "How Political Interest and Gender Influence Persuasion Knowledge, Political Information Seeking, and Support for Regulation of Political Advertising in Social Media," 21(3), 225-242.


Faculty and students also received honors for their reviewing: 

Journal of Advertising Outstanding Reviewers
Michelle Nelson

Journal of Advertising Outstanding Student Reviewers
Xiaohan (Catherine) Hu (ICR student)


Presentations by faculty and students included:

  • "How Parental Mediation and Media Use Relate to Persuasion Knowledge. Knowledge of Influencer Tactics, and Ad Skepticism Among Adolescents in U.S. Black Immigrant Families," co-presented by Michelle Nelson, among others
  • "Car Sharing Services: How Political Ideology Makes It Successful across Cultures," co-presented by WooJin Kim (ICR student), among others 
  • "Which Facts Matter: How Can We Build Advertising Literacy about Contemporary Political Advertising?", co-presented by Michelle Nelson, Chang-Dae Ham, and Eric Haley (Tennessee)
  • "What is and How to Teach Computational Advertising: Gaining Insight from Computer Science and Marketing Communication Educators and Ad Practitioners," co-presented by Ewa Maslowska, assistant professor, among others
  • "The Effects of Advertising on Consumer Well-Being," co-presented by Michelle Nelson, among others
  • "Incidental Experience of Regulatory Fit, Nonfit, and Processing Style: Consumers' Processing Mechanism of Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA), co-presented by Chang-Dae Ham and WooJin Kim
  • "The Spillover Effect of Robot Service Failure on Service Firms," co-presented by WooJin Kim, among others
  • "Computational Research and Measurement Innovations: Affective Computing and Emotion AI in the Future Advertising Research," co-presented by Ewa Maslowska, among others