Media Sales Certificate

The Media Sales Certificate is appropriate for students interested in the media or advertising sales industry. Students are expected to complete four program courses and one internship for credit. Open to all undergraduate students.


Fill out the Media Sales Certificate Program Application.


Introduction to Media Sales – ADV 270
This introductory sales course will cover the entire media sales cycle and how media sales representatives interact with advertising agencies, brands, properties, and media clients. It will:

  • Cover media and sales planning, research and setting sales objectives/strategies/goals.
  • Show how to effectively negotiate, "pitch" and "close" the sale and evaluate/measure the sale, once it is completed.

Sales Management – ADV 320
This course addresses conceptual and methodological issues related to the management of media sales within media organizations. It will:

  • Cover the responsibilities, functions and skills necessary to be an effective media sales manager.
  • Include an evaluation of sales organizational structures, recruiting, selecting, testing and training of media salespeople.
  • Include compensation plans, controlling expenses, sales forecasting/projections, quotas, ethics, and motivation.

Advanced Media Sales – ADV 370
This course focuses on consultative and persuasive selling and interpersonal relationship building, with an emphasis on specific media vehicles.

  • There will be significant time spent covering the sales process for each medium (television, digital, mobile, radio, print, OOH, OTT, etc.).
  • It will discuss how to be a successful salesperson for each medium, including major account selling, value-added selling, coordination between other functional areas, team selling, negotiating, communication styles, career management, and personal development.
  • The course will also cover the relationship between advertising agencies, brand clients and salespeople.
  • It will include mock interviews, written proposals, and role-playing exercises that will facilitate application of effective media sales techniques.

Persuasive Writing – BTW 271
Students will study principles of persuasion, as applied to writing and designing written communications for business. Included are ads, direct-mail campaigns, argumentative essays, proposals, and other types of writing designed to move readers to respond and take action.

  • Media-specific topics will be covered, including RFPs (Request for Proposals), sales pitches and sales presentations.

Internship – ADV 495 MS Media Sales Capstone
Designed as an applied learning experience, the course follows the student's short-term placement within a firm that’s relevant to the sales program and its curriculum (advertising and media preferred). After securing an applicable internship, students must complete the Media Sales Capstone approval form for permission to register for this course. Once the form is completed and signed by the internship supervisor, it can be forwarded directly to Dionne Clifton at Please send questions about whether or not your internship will qualify directly to Ms. Clifton.

  • The intern's responsibilities are determined by the firm offering the internship; however, sales faculty will work with companies to ensure that student experiences are relevant and rewarding.
  • Upon completion of the internship, the student must write a formal review of the experience and how it relates to the sales industry.
  • The company will write a formal review of the intern and provide it to the director of the sales program.

Knowing that securing an internship in a relevant and approved field might be challenging, students can also take an independent study course with an approved faculty member, instead of completing an internship.

  • The student and faculty member will create a project related to the sales program and finalize the specific details of the project and the student will provide a formal review of the experience and how it relates to the sales industry.


Once you have completed or registered for all of the certificate coursework, please fill out the Media Sales Certificate Completion Form.