21 College of Media faculty and graduate students participate in AEJMC Conference
The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) will hold its annual conference August 8 – 12 in Chicago. The College of Media is well represented by faculty and graduate students participating through the presentation of papers, panel discussions and more.

The sessions involving the College of Media include:

  • Advertising Teaching Workshop Session:  Preparing Our Students for a Brave New Digital World
  • Moderating/Presiding: Jan Slater, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Sheri Broyles, North Texas
  • Expanding Your Program’s Brand: Adding Value with Boot Camps, Seminars and Other Creative Ideas Rhiannon Clifton, Illinois

Advertising Division

High Density Refereed Paper Research Session

Topic I  — Advertising Effects and EffectiveAnchorness

  • Sex Sells? A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Sexual Content in Advertisements on Persuasive Outcomes 
  • John Wirtz, Illinois; Johnny Sparks, Central Michigan University; and Kelli Lyons, Texas Tech

Topic II — New Media/Old Media

  • Advertising enjoyment and time perception in multitasking
  • Brittany Duff, Illinois; Sela Sar, Iowa State and Sydney Chinchanachokchai, Illinois 

Media Ethics Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Exploring Theoretical Models and Approaches to Enhance Scholarship in Media Ethics
  • Anthropological Realism for Global Ethics**
  • Clifford Christians, Illinois and Stephen Ward, Wisconsin-Madison (Top Paper, Open Competition)

Newspaper and Online News Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: What is News and What is Journalism?
  • Discussant: Eric Meyer, Illinois

Community College Journalism Association, Small Programs Interest Group and Scholastic Journalism Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Poster Session: Great Ideas For Teaching (G.I.F.T.)
  • Twitter Tweeting Twaining - Brian K. Johnson, Illinois

Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication

  • ASJMC Presidential Panel: Putting the “Ad” in Administration: JMC Leadership Opportunities and Challenges for those from Advertising and Public Relations Backgrounds
  • Fundraising-Jan Slater, Illinois 

Media Ethics and International Communication Divisions

  • Teaching Panel Session: Global Ethics: International Contexts and their Implications for Pedagogy 
  • Clifford G. Christians, Illinois

 Award Panel Session: 2012 James Tankard Book Award Finalists

  • Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest 
  • Matthew C. Ehrlich, Illinois  

Media Management and Economics Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: The Media Corporation:  Research on Corporate  Structures in 21st Century Media 
  • Corporations as Indispensable Entities to the Media: How Interlocking Board of Directors  Influence Media Coverage*
  • Jun Ho Lee and Michael Bednar, Illinois (First Place Faculty Paper)

History and Cultural and Critical Studies Divisions

  • PF&R Panel Session: Theorizing Journalism in Time
  • How Journalism History Matters to Journalism Studies
  • John Nerone, Illinois 

Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

  • Communication Technology Division
  • Doing It All: An Exploratory Study of Personality Predictors of Media Multitasking
  • Gunwoo Yoon, Zongyuan Wang, Jun Ha Lee, Jen Moss and Brittany Duff, Illinois
  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Scholar-to-Scholar

Advertising Division

  • Discussant  Brittany Duff, Illinois 

Cultural and Critical Studies Division

  • Ain’t 3-D Women Hot?: The Female Body in Three-Dimensional Film, Avatar
  • Jungmin Kwon, Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Visual Communication Division

  • Discussant: Erik Meyer, Illinois

Communication Theory and Methodology Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Methods and Analysis
  • Tradeoffs Between Webcam, Chat and Face-to-face Focus Groups 
  • Katie Abrams, Illinois; Sebastian Galindo, University of Florida; Yoo Jin Song, Illinois; Glenn Wang, Illinois;
  • ChanJu Lee, Illinois


Visual Communication and Communication Technology Divisions

  • Teaching Panel Session: The Best of the Web
  • Individual Innovation
  • First Place: Overtown: Inside/Out
  • Charles “Stretch” Ledford, Illinois/Miami

Graduate Student Interest Group

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Media and Mass Communication Across the Globe:  International Perspectives 
  • Spectacularizing Queers: How Young Females are Embraced by the Media Industry in South Korea
  • Jungmin Kwon, Illinois

Panel Session: Bringing the Knight News Challenge Apps to Life in the Classroom

  • Moderating/Presiding: Jan Slater, Illinois and Paul Parsons, Elon 

Political Communication Interest Group

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Campaigns and Elections 
  • Parent-Child Communication Patterns, School Political Discussions, News Media Use and Adolescent Knowledge and Political Interest in the 2008 Presidential Election
  • Chang-Dae Ham, Illinois-Urbana Champaign; Joonghwa Lee, Middle Tennessee State, and Esther Thorson, Missouri

Mass Communication and Society Division

  • Refereed Paper Research Session: Top Papers
  • Why Share in the Social Media Sphere: An Integration of Uses and Gratification and Theory of Reasoned Acton (Fourth place top faculty paper)
  • Chang-Dae Ham, Illinois-Urbana Champaign; Joonghwa Lee, Middle Tennessee State