Welcome to the Department of Media and Cinema Studies (MACS)!
This department combines the Media Studies program and Unit for Cinema Studies into one exciting and dynamic major that provides students with the flexible skills for careers in the new millennium. Students can pursue the study of media and cinema with a world-class faculty whose research explores the most central contemporary issues. How do media and cinema contribute to our understanding of the world? How can our students contribute to the creation of media? Critical media literacy skills and an understanding of film and media history contribute to a more informed and active citizenship; these are the skills that guide the citizens and workers of the new century. MACS accepts the challenges of the contemporary global situation and channels them toward an education that provides students with the history, understanding, and analytical skills necessary to be able to join a flexible and competitive labor pool.

Letter of Support for the GEO: Feb. 23, 2018

We, the faculty in the Department of Media and Cinema Studies, support the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) in its effort to bargain a fair contract with the University. Graduate employees at UIUC have been without a contract since August, with negotiations for a new contract having stalled. We urge Provost Cangellaris to accept the GEO’s proposals for a new collective bargaining agreement, including the preservation of tuition waivers, a living wage, and affordable healthcare.

Over 2,800 graduate workers on this campus provide invaluable labor, including those whose innovative research and teaching contribute to the Department of Media and Cinema Studies.  Recruiting the best graduate teachers and researchers to our campus relies on their having a fair contract.  The University’s unwillingness to resolve negotiations at the bargaining table will harm our reputation and our ability to attract the graduate workers who help make UIUC a preeminent institution of higher learning.

We urge the university to bargain with the GEO in good faith and without further delay. If the GEO is forced to strike, we support its efforts to secure economic stability for its members and respect our graduate workers’ right to participate in work actions without fear of retaliation.