The Department of Media and Cinema Studies (MACS) is dedicated to preparing you to skillfully negotiate an ever-changing media landscape today and into the future.  Our interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and problem solving and will teach you to understand the media you consume and to produce complex media of your own.  MACS offers you maximum flexibility to design a path of study based on your interests and goals.

You will learn from award winning faculty, including filmmakers, who take media and film as their objects of study. You will study topics such as:

  • Multicultural and global issues in popular culture, media and film
  • National cinemas and their relationship to Hollywood
  • Political implications of global media conglomerates
  • Social impact of media on public opinion
  • Creative and information economies
  • Documentary film and production
  • New and emergent media technologies
  • Culture and identity in US film and media
  • Sport and media’s long, complex, and intertwined relationship
  • Film festival pedagogy and management

MACS graduates leave with a strong conceptual and theoretical understanding of the media, including the critical media practices that enable you to empower and influence audiences. MACS graduates have the history, understanding and analytical skills to compete in the media industry and in the many industries now seeking media specialists.