Rober Ebert

For a treasure trove of Roger’s writing, go to All of the following links come from this expansive website, guaranteed to enthrall any film lover. These are some of our favorite blog posts and reviews.

Why is Film Criticism Important?

A video interview from 2005, in which Roger said, “Film criticism is important because films are important. They affect the way people think and feel and behave and they can be both a good influence on society and a negative influence. To the degree that they glorify mindlessness and short attention spans, I think they are bad. To the degree that they encourage empathy not like ourselves and encourage us to think about life and issues, they can be good.”

Two posts about Roger’s favorite movie:

Roger’s last post: A leave of presence

Roger’s final blog post in which he announces that he is slowing down and taking “a leave of presence.”

In Memoriam: Roger Ebert 1942-2013

Remembrances of Roger