Ericka Riggs

Ericka RiggsAdvocate. Producer. Creative. Mom.

Ericka Riggs’ natural state of mind is curious—her desire to see and explore the world stems from her childhood spent as a corporate gypsy. Ericka’s family steadily moved every three to four years, moving across the country, from Texas to New York, she attended well over five primary schools and two high schools, graduating high school in Paoli, PA., these experiences expanded Ericka’s views and understandings of the world, and she applies that adventurous mindset to her life whenever possible.

In her professional life, Ericka is equal parts architect and entrepreneur, continuously taking on roles that require lots of legwork and building of programs from scratch. In September of 2016, Ericka joined the AD Club of NY, presently she is the Foundation and Inclusion Director—a role in which she is actively advocating, managing and developing talent pipeline programs, diversity-outreach efforts, and culturally inclusive experiences for the advertising, marketing, and media community.

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