Introduction to MCS
The goal of Media Career Services (MCS) is to teach students how to become effective job seekers and prepare them to be successful young professionals. Our role is not to "place" them, but to help them find their way to internships and full-time employment. MCS plans to do this using career/professional development events, career advising, Handshake @ Illinois and other career/job search resources, and more…including working with YOU!

MCS is here to make your life easier and assist with what the departments and administration have been doing for quite some time. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with faculty and staff to have introductory or “catch up” meetings to discuss trends they are seeing and seek their experienced insight into better preparing students for the diverse job markets after they graduate from Illinois.

Visit here for information on ethical and legal standards in student hiring.

Career Services In The Classroom

We understand that time is limited with students and that learning the core course material is the most important component. However, if you need someone to cover your class instead of cancelling it or you simply find benefit in having career development as part of your curriculum, MCS can present on a career development topic during your class. Please provide at least 72 hours’ notice for us to check the calendar and properly prepare.

If you are interested in having a guest speaker in your class and would like help finding an alumnus(a) or someone from industry to do so, MCS is able to provide assistance. Please provide at least one month’s notice for us to check interest and availability.

If you are interested in any of these services, please complete the MCS Classroom Coverage form. Also, if you are setting up speakers on your own, we appreciate you sharing this information with us so that we are informed and can sit it, if you don't mind, when available.

Promoting Career Services
If you are willing to help promote MCS events and services by occasionally displaying a slide at the beginning and/or end of your classes, please complete the MCS Event Promotion form (or send an email to

If you are setting up events or trips on your own, MCS would love to know about them, so that we can avoid double-booking dates, students, etc.

Handshake @ Illinois: General Information & Account Creation
Handshake @ Illinois is the campus-wide career services platform and a tool students use to search the job database, sign up for on-campus interviews, access the event calendar and schedule MCS advising appointments. Currently, there are over 230,000 employers around the globe recruiting on this platform.

While students are not required to have a Handshake @ Illinois account with MCS, they must have a Handshake @ Illinois account to access our advising services, job database, on-campus interviews and event calendar. Therefore, registration is strongly encouraged.

If you are interested in setting up a “fake” account to see what your students see, please send an email to for instructions on how to do so. You will also want to visit here for general information on using Handshake @ Illinois.