Because you have experienced Illinois firsthand, you are in a unique position to assist in building and maintaining relationships between the University and our alumni (your peers). It is exciting to have you help the College of Media in promoting the Alumni Decades program throughout the year, primarily to those within a particular decade. Together, volunteers help contact, educate and personally ask alumni to participate with an annual gift.

Specific Duties
  • Complete a testimonial and post at least two personal messages during the year about the Decades program in one or more of our social media outlets. 
  • Thank the alumni at the start and end of the personal contact experience.
  • Utilize volunteer resources on this website and connect with the Office of Advancement to ensure you are receiving the types of tools that will make you successful.
  • First half of year: contact 10 lapsed donors from your decade era to discuss program and participation
  • Second half of year: contact 10 “never givers” to discuss program and participation
  • Personally consider increasing your annual gift to help support the challenge match.
  • Review monthly emails about the Decades program or regularly visit the Decades website for status on goals.

Average commitment per month: 4-5 hours

Length of service: Decade volunteers serve for a minimum of one year with peak activities in September, December, May and June.

Timeline of Key Activities




July - September

Receive materials and begin contacting alumni (past donors) from list

Submit testimonial and photo; post social media message

October – December

Follow-up on contacts and send thank you; request any additional resources

Encourage U of I Media friends to post social media messages

January – March

Begin contacting potential new donors; promote challenge match for new gifts

Continue to advertise on social media

April – June

Follow-up on “no answers,” thank and report on progress of goals to all contacts

Share news of campaign progress with alumni friends