Before the Call:
  • Make your own gift before asking others to give. It strengthens our goals, demonstrates credibility and leads to 100% participation among our volunteers.
  • Review your materials and practice out loud. Be prepared to personalize your interactions differently for each person, depending on his/her location or class year.
  • If hesitant to make a cold call, send the alum an email or letter, stating you will be in touch soon to introduce yourself and to speak about a new alumni program within the College of Media.
During the Call:
  • Introduce yourself as a volunteer, thank him/her for past support and be excited about news to share.
  • Be willing to share why you have given in the past and why you feel it is important to stay connected.
  • Provide plenty of pauses!
  • Document the outcome of your contact.  
  • Communication is the caller’s responsibility. Follow-up will need to happen. Don’t wait for the alum.
  • Always send a personal thank you.