JOUR 460: Intersection of Documentary Film & Journalism

Course Information

  • Spring 2019 - 1st 8-week course
  • JOUR 460 - 3 credits
  • Available to all majors
  • 20 student limit
  • Course fee: $499 (billed to spring 2019 student accounts)
  • 4:00-6:50 PM | Tuesday | Jan 14-March 8 | Armory 147
  • Professor Brant Houston

Trip Information

  • True/False Film Fest
  • February 28 - March 3, 2019
  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Drury Inn Hotel
  • Charter bus roundtrip transportation
  • Event shuttle service  

Financial Information 

  • Course fee: $499 (fee applied to your student account)
  • Fee includes: event pass, roundtrip and on-site transportation, as well as hotel
  • Fee does not include daily meals
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships can be used
  • Refund Policy

About the Course

Intersection of Documentary Film and Journalism

The popularity of documentary film has skyrocketed, on both the big and small screens. Films like Citizenfour (2015) and Weinstein (2017) as well as series such as Netflix’s Making a Murderer (2015) are simultaneously entertaining audiences and investigating serious issues like government surveillance, sexual harassment, and wrongful conviction—issues that in the past might have been covered exclusively in investigative journalism. What explains the public’s fascination with documentary? How is documentary film reacting to recent transformations in the media landscape? Where and how to documentary film and journalism intersect? The class culminates with a trip to the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri, the first weekend in March. Attendance at the festival is required.


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