Hiltzik brothers start athletic recovery equipment e-commerce site

Hiltzik brothers

Aron Hiltzik (BS '18, advertising) and his brother Jared (BS '16, LAS), who both played tennis at the University of Illinois, co-founded RecoveryForAthletes.com, which sells athletic recovery equipment such as Theragun percussion massagers, Game Ready cold and compression units, Marc Pro muscle stimulators, and more. After launching the site in November 2018, they have already achieved over $1.4 million in sales.

"I have used my experience in digital marketing that I learned in my advertising classes to help grow our company into a true brand. I am the head of brand strategy and marketing, and my brother is in charge of the business side with customers. We work phenomenal together and it has been incredible to have the opportunity to be business partners," said Aron Hiltzik.

Some of their customers have included an Olympic gold medalist boxer; multiple NFL, MLB, NBA, ATP tennis players; and other professional athletes.