We are offering numerous options, taught by experts in the field to help yearbook, newspaper and media advisers and their students sharpen their proficiency in selected areas of interest and skill. These are preliminary. Please check back often to see additional sessions and expanded descriptions of sessions.

Photography for Dynamic Newspaper & Yearbook Pages
Brian Johnson, U of I Department of Journalism
The best yearbook and newspaper pages, the ones that get read and talked about anyway, begin with great photographs.  This session will cover the basics of Photojournalism and will teach students how to shoot events and find the perfect photo ops.    Johnson has received more than 60 national, regional and state awards for his photojournalism, multimedia and videos. His work has been published in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, USA Today, Newsday and others.
IU Rooms B & C 

Journalism by Design
Eric Meyer, U of I Department of Journalism
Stories aren’t told by words alone. Whether for newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, apps, TV graphics or even posters and flyers, design is a vitally important part of telling messages engagingly and effectively. And it isn’t just for artists and geeks anymore. Explore how design thinking can improve your journalism with U of I professor Eric Meyer,  a former Page 1, graphics and story-planning editor at a major metro; entrepreneurial founder of a magazine website; creator of another national award-winning website, visiting professor of social media at another major metro, and current publisher, in his spare time, of three award-winning community weeklies.  
IU Room 209

Sports Journalism: Generalize? Specialize? Yes!
Jean McDonald, U of I Department of Journalism
Three University of Illinois students will talk about their observations and experiences with how sports journalism has changed and what you can do to keep up — or ahead — of those changes.
IU Room 210

IHSA State Journalism Competition; Rules and Procedures
Matt Troha, IHSA Asst. Executive Director (ADVISERS ONLY)
Troha will navigate through the procedures and rules in place for the IHSA State Journalism Competition, as well as changes for 2018 State Series. This session will provide helpful information to both new and seasoned advisers regarding the IHSA contest. What should a school do if they are interested in entering? What is the format of the contest? The session will facilitate discussion about the specific rules and procedures for the annual IHSA State Journalism Contest.
IU Room 217

Propaganda & the News Media
Mira Sotirovic, U of I Department of Journalism
Can you recognize propaganda when you see it? Are you influenced by propaganda? The session shows you how to recognize the most powerful propaganda--the one you do not perceive. We shall discuss numerous examples of propaganda hidden in news truthiness and entertainment innocence to identify strategies and standards for propaganda detection. We shall consider whether in the age of digital and social media citizens are more or less vulnerable to propaganda than in the past.  Sotirovic is associate professor and Karin and Folke Dovring Scholar in Propaganda in the Department of Journalism at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She received her Ph.D in mass communications and M.A. in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research interests are in news media effects on how people think and perceive social issues, and how those perceptions may affect support for social policies.
IU Room 314 A

From drab to Fab! Alternative yearbook copy your audience will actually read
Shawn Allen, Balfour-Taylor Publishing
Who actually reads a yearbook?  Set yours apart by exploring alternative copy ideas.  Learn about examples and trends that can help expand storytelling in ways that command attention to topics by effectively using quotes and content beyond the classic yearbook.  We'll focus on design elements to bring your alternative copy to life and provide sources you can draw from in your pursuit of Yearbook Nirvana. Presented by publishing industry veteran and local Illinois Balfour rep.
IU Room 314 B

Voices of Stagg: Using Storytelling to Build a More Empathetic High School Culture
Lisa Thyer and Chris Wendelin, Stagg High School, Palos Hills
Thyer and Wendelin will discuss their journey in facilitating 60 high school seniors in a year-long learning experience brought to life in a published book and a documentary, Voices of Stagg. The ultimate and successful goal was to build empathy through publishing the stories of the complex and interesting people of the Stagg High School community. 
IU room 405

Reporting Techniques that Dig Deep and Get Noticed 
Brant Houston, Knight Foundation Chair and Professor of Investigative Journalism, University of Illinois
This session will cover how to do better research on the Internet, including best search techniques and online tutorials that help to background issues and people through Web sites and social media. Houston will also have tips on doing investigative reporting on issues related to your high school.   
IU Room 406