We are offering numerous options, taught by experts in the field to help yearbook, newspaper and media advisers and their students sharpen their proficiency in selected areas of interest and skill. These are preliminary. Please check back often to see additional sessions and expanded descriptions of sessions.

Bringing Stories Out from the Shadows
Independent media journalist Brian Dolinar will talk about writing stories often kept in the dark. His articles amplify the voices of marginalized communities. He will give examples of police brutality, prison abuse, and immigrant detention. He will talk about how to bolster these voices with documentation, public records, and witness accounts. 
Presenter: Brian Dolinar, a writer and activist in Urbana, Illinois. He is program director at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (IMC). He has taught African American studies and history at the University of Illinois. He is a member of the editorial collective at The Public i, newspaper of the IMC. He writes about policing, prisons, and immigration. His articles have appeared in Prison Legal News, Counterpunch, and Truthout. For more see briandolinar.com 
Room 405

How to find the right sports multimedia balance?
Learning how to tell a story in more ways than one has become vital to success in the journalism industry. Let's talk about how you can get the most out of a story in print, on a website or through social media. Finding the right audience is hard, so why create content that can reach them all! 
Presenter Eli, Schuster
Room 314A

Taking Your Journalism Game to College
What is it like to work for a collegiate newspaper or yearbook in college?  In this session a panel of reporters/editors & writers from the award winning Daily Illni and Illio will be here to talk about that exciting journey and answer your questions regarding what it’s like to cover news sports ,events and people at a major university.  In addition the panel will be happy to answer your questions and concerns as high school journalists about your own newspaper and yearbook because they’ve been there and done that! 
Staff of the Daily Illini, WPGU & Illio
Room 406

Behind The Scenes: Why You Should Be A Producer
Every good show with a host has a team of journalists behind the scenes helping make it happen. Producers play an essential role in planning show ideas, finding the right guests, and brainstorming the best questions to ask.
Presenter: Alan Montecillo, producer with Illinois Public Media's daily news talk show "The 21st," will go through what it takes to plan a daily show, what the difference is between a producer and a reporter, and how that translates to radio and podcasting.
Room 210

Majoring in Journalism in College: What You Can Do to Prepare Now!
Find out how to position yourself as the ideal journalism school candidate by gaining valuable insights from the College of Media. Get tips about course work and extracurricular activities designed to impress admissions. Questions welcome! 
Kathryn Clark, U of I College of Media Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services, Lisa Wells, Chicago Visiting Recruiter
Room 209

Future of Journalism
Journalism isn't dying. It's maturing. And not just because of new technologies. A view from the trenches of local journalism suggests now is the time to leave the predictable, the preachy and the propagandistic to amateurs on social media while we instead concentrate on putting the "new" back in news and fulfilling the vital democratic role of the fourth estate.
Presenter: Eric Meyer, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Journalism Department, College of Media at the University of Illinois. President and Publisher of Hoch Publishing Co. Inc. 
314 B