Jacki Davidoff '82 ADV

Davidoff Joins Board of  Chicago Women in Philanthropy

Jacki Davidoff, Principal and Senior Consultant, Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy, joined the board of Chicago Women in Philanthropy (CWIP) as announced at CWIP’s annual meeting on (date). CWIP is a Chicago-based nonprofit whose mission is to educate and encourage philanthropy by facilitating dialogue and uncommon connections that positively impact the lives of women and girls.  As an accomplished management executive with 30 years of experience, Jacki Davidoff is looking forward to being an active member of CWIP and help them in their mission to serve the women and girls of Chicago.

“I joined because this organization is closely connected to the Chicago community and their particular issues. It represents a variety of organizations that come together to do important work that contributes to our city. We all achieve more when we are working together to create a more welcoming and caring place.” - Jacki Davidoff, Principal and Senior Consultant

Jacki’s strong expertise in marketing, strategy, and the Davidoff Mission-Driven approach is a natural fit for CIWP which focuses on professional development, advocacy and volunteerism. 

Davidoff’s proprietary Mission-Driven™ methodology is informed by best practices in effective strategy, compelling and relevant communications and the academic principles of personal and organizational transformation. Our methodology is research-based, vision-oriented and grounded in achieving actionable results. Our process is highly collaborative and customized to the specific needs of our clients. For more information about Davidoff and our Mission-Driven approach to strategy and marketing, visit our website at www.davidoffstrategy.com.