Janice Collins



          810 S. Wright Street 



  • PhD in Communications, 2009, Scripps College of Communications, Ohio University-Specializing in Media Management and Critical Cultural Theory
  • Associate Certification in Women's Studies, Ohio University
  • MS in Journalism, 2005, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University
  • BA in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts, Concentration: Communication/Rhetoric, 1986, Wake Forest University


  • Assistant Professor, Journalism Department
  • Affiliate Faculty Member, African Studies Department
  • Global Institute
  • Illinois Leadership Academy​

Course Specialties

  • Inclusive Teaching
  • International Reporting
  • Digital Producing and Distribution
  • Radio Journalism
  • Television Journalism
  • Documentary Story Telling
  • Leadership Development
  • Special In-depth Reporting


Dr. Janice Marie Collins is a multi-Emmy, Associated Press, Best of Gannett award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of experience in the journalism industry in producing, editing, videojournalism, reporting and writing. She spent most of her career in the top markets of the nation including NBC NewsChannel, Atlanta Market, and ESPN. Collins is also an award-winning professor and creative, specializing in broadcast and digital news publications and documentaries with 18 years of experience on the university level. She was selected as one of the Top 50 Journalism Professors in the nation of 2012 by Journalismdegree.org and has received national and international recognition for her teaching, research, creative endeavors, and public service engagements, including the Baskett Mosse National Award for Faculty Development AEJMC 2017, second place in “Best in Digital,” AEJMC 2017, for her website of Inclusion, Hearmyvoiceonline.com and has, consistently, made the Teachers of Excellence List at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign since 2013. She is also a Kopenhaver Fellow and was selected one of sixteen participants at the Poynter Diverse Voices workshop in 2017. In her role as an international media consultant, she has assisted in providing journalism and social media consulting on catastrophes such as the Ebola outbreak and fatal flooding in Sierra Leone, West Africa and the call for the eradication of Polio in Nigeria, Africa. She works across disciplines and internationally to center voices from the margins as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the African International Documentary Foundation, Chair of the Gullah Traveling Kinfolk and through directing multimedia workshops on storytelling, digital publication and social media tools of branding and marketing.

Research/Creative Endeavor

Dr. Collins' research focuses mainly on processes of De-Marginalization through storytelling, self-empowerment, leadership development and issues of Power along the lines of race, gender, newsroom cultures and learning spaces. She accomplishes this by using her critical pedagogy, Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.), that she has been researching and developing over the past 14 years. A.C.E. encourages and teaches every student and professor how to empower themselves to move from the margins to the core of their uniqueness within a collective. For 2 consecutive years, Collins won first place in the Open Paper Competition at the National Broadcast Educators Association Conference as, both, coauthor, and sole author of quantitative studies that focus on leadership and issues of marginalization. Presently, she is writing a book, partnered with a web series on ways to use Active Centralized Empowerment© in learning spaces. Her publication, 250 Years and Still a Slave: Breaking Free with Active Centralized Empowerment, is a Critical Cultural perspective book on race relations from a social-psychological platform that prominent educator, Jane Elliott, calls "a Great read!" and "found it extremely timely and hope that lots of people, especially those in the field of education will buy it and read it." Collins produced an award-winning television broadcast program and web-series called "A Taste of Gullah" that aired, regionally, on PBS, and won "Best Documentary" at the International Garifuna Film Festival in Venice, California, published an article on leadership development titled, "Leadership Development in College Newsroom Labs: It's Transactional," in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, and a book chapter on image portrayals in prime-time commercials in Feminists Perspectives on Advertising for Lexington Books, Rowan & Littlefield. Collins recently completed a comprehensive, auto-ethnographic documentary series that chronicles her trip back to her maternal ancestral land of Sierra Leone, West Africa and the Mende tribe called "Journey to My Mother's Land: Extending the Gate's Effect into Africa," that was picked up for broadcasting by the Nigerian Television Authority, the largest television and satellite media platform in all of Africa. Her documentary aired globally with audience penetration into the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and all of Africa.

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