JJ Kim

Get to know some of our College of Media students! JJ Kim is a Class of 2022 journalism major. He was editor-in-chief of The Daily Illini during the second semester of his sophomore year.

What excited you about majoring in journalism here at Illinois?
When I attended Mediapalooza, I got to meet several professors and my eventual mentor. During this event, I learned about different resources and access to Big 10 resources here at UIUC. There are so many opportunities offered here to students. I was also surprised to learn about The Daily Illini and that as a freshman I could be part of the student newspaper.

What has been some student involvement you participated in? What did you enjoy about it? 
Definitely The Daily Illini. I met so many awesome coworkers and friends through this work. It was somewhere that greatly expanded my network. 

Which Media class have you found useful so far?
Journalism 220: News Editing was a very useful class for me because the professor was an editor herself, and so her expertise really helped us understand the concepts of formatting, different citation styles, and how to strategically dissect stories.

My Media Law class, Journalism 311, was also very useful because it equipped me with good skills I needed for my internship at The Daily Illini. It taught me what legal issues occur in the media realm and how to navigate some of the vernacular and concepts. 

What is some advice you would give to an undergraduate student in journalism here?
Don't be afraid to get involved here on campus. It is important to be sure to find what you like and what to learn. When you are a freshman, it may be good to try a lot of different activities, and as you progress in your college career, narrow it down to the ones you enjoy and feel are most relevant to your career journey.

Interview by Jake John, Graduate Assistant for Media Career Services

JJ Kim