Analyzing data, interviewing people, evaluating sources, writing content…
The skills of a journalist are important in many professions. Now, you can gain those skills with a Minor in Journalism.

This minor allows a student to explore the role of journalism in a democracy and to assess how journalism is meeting its social responsibility to engage, enlighten and empower citizens. The minor equips students to participate in the ever-changing world of media delivery and consumption.

Four required courses establish the principles and practices of journalism in a diverse society.
Students explore introductory principles and writing, history, ethics, and law.

Students will choose two elective courses from a list that includes research, literary and practical courses. From that list, students can continue a comprehensive course of study that allows them to build the knowledge they need to participate fully in democratic life and to better communicate the knowledge they gain in their primary fields of study.

The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours. At least six of those hours must be advanced (300 or 400) level courses. Some of the courses also meet the university’s general education requirements.

Required Courses:

  • JOUR 200 Introduction to Journalism+  3
  • JOUR 205 History of American Journalism  3
  • JOUR 250 Journalism Ethics and Diversity  3
  • JOUR 311 Media Law  3

Plus any two of these courses:

  • JOUR 210 Newsgathering Across Platforms+  4
  • JOUR 360 The Media and You  3
  • JOUR 361 Readings in Sports Journalism  3
  • JOUR 421 Editing for Publication  3
  • JOUR 450 Media and Public Opinion  3
  • JOUR 451 Research Methods in Journalism**+  3
  • JOUR 452 Great Books in Journalism+  3
  • JOUR 453 Crisis Communications  3
  • JOUR 454 Propaganda & the News Media  3
  • JOUR 470 International Reporting  3
  • JOUR 471 Science Journalism  3
  • JOUR 482 Immersion Journalism  3
  • JOUR 483 Investigative Journalism  3

TOTAL 18-19

*JOUR200 is a prerequisite for JOUR210
**JOUR200 and Quantitative Reasoning I are prerequisites for JOUR451
+Meets a GenEd requirement