Chris Evans

Chris Evans
Clinical Assistant Professor
Newsroom, Illinois Public Media. 300 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana

PhD candidate in English, State University of New York at Albany 
MFA in Fiction Writing, New York University, 2002 
MA in Creative Writing, University of Central Florida, 1998 
BS in Journalism, University of Kansas, 1991 
BA in French Language and Literature, University of Kansas, 1991

Course Specialties
  • Audio Journalism 
  • Introduction to Journalism 
  • Illinois Public Media Practicum

In addition to teaching multimedia journalism, Chris is developing a new program to connect College of Media students with news professionals at Illinois Public Media radio and television outlets. 

He is a former newspaper reporter, returned Peace Corps volunteer, fiction writer, news junkie and immediate past president of College Media Association. He is working toward his PhD in English and resting up as he ponders running his second marathon.