Assistant Professor of Journalism Charles “Stretch” Ledford covered Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ rally at the university’s Athletics and Recreation Center on Saturday, March 12, for Getty Images.  "The Washington Post" published this photo of Terrill Lovington, of New York, selling souvenirs to guests lined up six hours prior to the event.  Ledford’s entire report can be seen here.

Washington Post photo










Ledford continued his photographic coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign at a rally for Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in Decatur on Monday.  “Cruz may have the most interesting facial expressions of any of the candidates,” Ledford said. “He can look very earnest one minute and like he’s trying to stifle a belly laugh the next. I wanted to capture the variety of personas he projects in front of a crowd. That and the interesting faces in his audience.”  Ledford’s entire report from the rally can be seen here.

Cruz campaign