Making the Connection Between Technology Innovation and the Future of Advertising Research

The Department of Advertising is hosting Joe Yun at a brownbag lunch on Friday, Sept. 21, 12-1 p.m., in 123 Greg Hall. Yun, who earned his master's in advertising, is currently the head of the Social Research and Technology Innovation Lab on campus.

Abstract: Advertising has been (and will continue to be) transformed by technology, but we now live in a time where new innovative technologies seem to arrive daily, many of which have potential to be used as advertising platforms. Conducting advertising research on these new technologies requires the constant creation of newer testbeds, models, and infrastructure, as well as access to more real-time data. Dr. Yun will share three projects that work within these considerations, namely his lab’s work on building a brand analytics environment (BAE, a new tool within the Social Media Macroscope), a student deployment pilot of customized Amazon Echo Dots that can be used as a research testbed, and his work on the rapid creation of machine-learned models for advertising research.

Bio: Joseph T. Yun has a bachelor's in computer science, a master's in advertising, and a doctorate in informatics. His research is focused on computational advertising and the technologies that surround it. He currently heads up the Social Research and Technology Innovation (SRTI) Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The SRTI Lab focuses on investigating solutions to problems using computational methods that include statistical computing (e.g., machine learning and deep learning), data analytics, and software development. The lab is continuously testing various new technologies to understand their impact on people in society. Some examples of current technologies that the lab is investigating are voice-activated devices, deep learned video cameras, IRL (in real life) streaming platforms (e.g. Twitch), and embedded sensors. Dr. Yun is also the principal investigator of the Social Media Macroscope, which is an open research environment for social media analytics (