Marcia (Kurtz) Zuckerman '65 Journalism

"A Crack In The Foundation" is Marcia (Kurtz) Zuckerman’s first book. The book, a compilation of poetry and prose, aims to draw attention to political and human rights abuses including: immigration, journalists killed while covering stories (especially politically charged events), the homeless, surveillance and the NSA. A larger prose/poem/dialogue, “Making Change”, includes her view on our environmental issues.

Following the horrendous events in Paris last year wrapped around the satirical journal Charlie Hebdo, Marcia wore a small sign around her neck proclaiming Je Suis Charlie as well as: “I protest anti-Semitism”. As a result, she wrote a memoir highlighting several of the remarkable personal stories and comments people shared with her when they saw the sign. This memoir is included in the softbound book, as are other more personal poems.

She holds a B.Sc., graduating from the College of Communications (currently known as College of Media), with a concentration on News-Editorial from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1965). Marcia completed the University of Chicago Graham School Writer’s Studio two-year Certificate Program in Poetry. She has been a member of Next Objectivists, and was an Associate Editor for Rhino, the 47-year old journal. Marcia has read at Zonta (Chicago Chapter) and Ragsdale and other local Illinois venues. Samples of her writing can be accessed through her blog,