Matthew Novelli

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Matthew Novelli is a Class of 2022 computer science + advertising major.

What excited you about majoring in CS + Advertising?
I am interested in both fields of computer science and advertising. I think CS + Advertising is the future of the technology industry. In this major, by combining both CS and advertising, you not only learn about how to program to perform different functions, but you learn how to develop programs specifically designed to reach a certain target audience. Nowadays, much of the media we consume is digital. This really excites me to be a part of the industry and see how technology continues to change the field of advertising.  

What extracurricular activities are you a part of?
I currently am the managing editor for online at The Daily Illini. I essentially orient the publication to be “digital first.” As the managing editor, I manage the website, mobile app, and social media.  I also oversee a small team as we work together to make updates to these platforms. Being a CS + Advertising major and having a technical background has allowed me to be in the forefront of helping to bring this 150-year-old organization into the modern digital space.  

Which classes did you feel were helpful as you prepare for post-graduation?
Journalism 483: Investigative Journalism with Brant Houston was very helpful. This class focuses on various data processing from organizations, such as the government, which has shown me how to collect facts and evidence to support stories. I also learned the art of cold calls with key local community members. Dr. Houston also taught us the importance of building our networks as a journalist. As far as computer science courses, CS 240: Systems Programming is a beneficial class. In this class we learned how to create web applications and servers from the ground up. This class taught me essential skills that I have used in several coding interviews. I have also used the principles and techniques of this class at my Daily Illini role, especially in regard to digital journalism. 

Interview by Jake John, Graduate Assistant for Media Career Services