Handshake @ Illinois is the new career services platform to discover postings for jobs and internships, sign up for on-campus interviews, access event information for workshops and info sessions, and schedule MCS advising appointments.  Handshake is used at over 400 schools nationwide and by 230,000 employers around the globe, exposing students and recent alumni to more employers and job postings than ever before.

Handshake @ Illinois provides personalized job recommendations and career information, based on a student’s profile, career interests and site usage, similar to Netflix and Spotify.  In other words, the more information provided to Handshake, the more useful it will be. Given this, it is very important to have a complete and accurate profile - including career interests - to maximize discovery on the site.

We have already preloaded some of your basic profile information (for current students only), so claim your Handshake @ Illinois account today!  Log in and complete your profile at handshake.illinois.edu.

For training videos and more information on getting started with Handshake, visit go.illinois.edu/HandshakeHelp.

While students are not required to have a Handshake @ Illinois account with MCS, they must have a Handshake @ Illinois account to access our career advising services, job and internship postings, on-campus interviews and event information for workshops and info sessions. Given these benefits, Handshake @ Illinois use is strongly encouraged.

Before applying to jobs and internships on Handshake @ Illinois, students must have an approved resume by Media Career Services on the career services platform. While we strive to review resumes within 24 hours on business days, it may take up to 72 hours during high traffic time periods. Given this, students should plan to upload their resumes for review many days in advance of posting deadlines that they are trying to meet.


Are you an employer looking for information on using Handshake @ Illinois? Visit here for information.