Media Literacy Theme 2022-23

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During the 2022-23 academic year, the College of Media will explore a theme of media literacy to build community and connections for students, faculty, and staff. The idea for an annual, opt-in theme emerged during the College of Media strategic planning process in 2020, and selection of a theme is voted on by faculty and staff each spring.

Josh Heuman, a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Media & Cinema Studies and the Department of Journalism, was appointed by College of Media Dean Tracy Sulkin as a Dean’s Fellow. He will work with department and college leadership teams to facilitate activities around media literacy this academic year. Learn more.

Media Literacy Initiatives in the College of Media

Initiative for Media Education Inquiry and Action (IMEDIA)
The Initiative for Media Education Inquiry and Action was formed by the College of Media and the College of Education, along with the cofounder of the Illinois Media Literacy Coalition, to help fill educators’ needs for media literacy training and curriculum development. In Summer 2022, IMEDIA held a media literacy workshop for public school educators. Learn more. 

Political Advertising Literacy Research Group
The Political Advertising Literacy Research Group includes researchers in the University of Illinois College of Media and at the University of Tennessee. The researchers are investigating how much U.S. voters know about political advertising, called political advertising literacy, and improve their knowledge to effectively cope with misleading political advertising. Their research was featured in Forbes in September 2022. 

Media Matters eText
This eText aims to empower readers with increased media literacy, or the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and communicate using a variety of media. Anyone with a University of Illinois netID can view this multimedia-rich, online textbook. The book is authored by College of Media faculty Amanda Ciafone, associate professor of media and cinema studies; Stephanie Craft, professor of journalism and associate dean for academic affairs; and Michelle Nelson, professor of advertising. 

Upcoming Events

More details to come.

Past Events

National Media Literacy Week
October 24-28, 2022
Learn more. | View resources.

Defining and Measuring News Literacy
September 21, 2022
As part of the Center for Advanced Study's Initiative on Conspiracy, Misinformation, and the Infodemic, Stephanie Craft, professor of journalism and associate dean for academic affairs, presented a talk on "Defining and Measuring News Literacy." 

About the presentation: 
The rapid spread of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased calls for news literacy to help reduce endorsement of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and other falsehoods. Recent research showing that individuals with higher levels of news literacy are more likely to reject COVID-19 misinformation and conspiratorial thinking suggests that improving news literacy could be part of a strategy to equip individuals to reject health misinformation. However, varied approaches will be necessary to engage with groups that differ in political orientation, race, age and news consumption habits.