The University of Illinois will celebrate undergraduate research week April 17 – 23, 2016. Students from all three departments in the College of Media are participating. See the complete program here.

Content Contradictions: How Ad-content Congruity Affects Brand Favorability and Purchase Intention?
Nicolette Highland, Junior, Advertising, COM
Mitchell Kahl, Junior, Advertising, COM
Lauren Cowin, Sophomore, Advertising, COM
Natalie Ang, Sophomore, Advertising, COM

Call for a Systematic Review of Survey Methodologies: Open-Ended vs Close-Ended Research Questions in Analyzing Coursera Respondent Data
Emily Forbes, Junior, Sociology, LAS
Sandra Franco, Senior, Linguistics, LAS
Yixin Zou, Junior, Advertising, COM

The Disney Effect: Parents’ Ambivalence Toward Commercialization in Children’s Books
Simran Devidasani, Junior, Advertising, COM

How Message and Music Mood Affects Memorability in Advertising
Annie Keller, Junior, Advertising, COM
Parichay Swarup, Junior, Advertising, COM
Simran Devidasani, Junior, Advertising, COM
Alexander Studer, Junior, Advertising, COM
Connor Goetten, Sophomore, Advertising, COM

How Expatriate Students (Non-native English Speakers) Respond to Rational and Emotional Advertisements Relative to Native English-speaking Americans
Apshara Islam, Sophomore, Advertising, COM
Manisha Venkat, Sophomore, Advertising, COM
Austin Herr, Senior, Advertising, COM
Beth Lee, Junior, Advertising, COM
Marissa Miller, Senior, Advertising, COM

Rising Above The ’Nois: Identifying Effective Practices in Social Media
Masic Chen, Sophomore, Undeclared, DGS
Ruoxi Su, Senior, Communication, LAS
Aliaputri Kamal, Junior, Advertising, COM

When Does a Message Source’s Race Impact How that Message is Received – Racial and Social Justice Knowledge, Prejudice, and the Belief in Racism as a Zero-sum Game
Daniel Duan, Senior, Advertising, COM

Newman: Faith as a Root in Community
Ariel Majewski, Freshman, Journalism, COM

Understanding the Media Journey of Local Issues: The Case of the Flint Water Crisis
Wes Bremme, Senior, Media & Cinema Studies, COM