Megann Billedo

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Megann Billedo is a Class of 2023 advertising major.

What excited you about majoring in advertising here at Illinois?
After taking just one advertising class, it inspired me to learn more about the major. I really enjoy my advertising classes, as creativity is integrated into your coursework. Advertising has allowed me to use my creativity. I look forward to continuing to learn more about advertising and the industry. 

What has been your favorite advertising class so far?
So far, my favorite class has been Advertising 283: Advertising and Brand Strategy, with Professor Amanda Mabry-Flynn. One of my projects requires me to create a restaurant, implement a brand strategy for the restaurant, and create content for consumers. Through this project, I learned how to build a strong brand, learned different strategy techniques, and how to run campaigns. 

What RSO are you a part of and what is your role in your RSO? 
I am the Chief Financial Officer for AAF, the American Advertising Federation. I joined AAF during my freshman year and was part of NSAC, the National Student Advertising Competition. As the CFO of AAF, I have learned to collaborate with people professionally. Through this role, I get to work behind the scenes on projects and have more involvement in club meetings!

Have you had an internship? If so, what was the experience like?
Over the summer, I had an internship with my local hospital for their marketing department, where I helped organize a health fair and triathlon. It was a great learning experience organizing these events while working alongside the CEO and executives leading the project. Creating and running these large projects sparked my interest in working for a large company post-graduation. 

What advice would you give to an undergrad in the College of Media?
Get involved in the College of Media as much as you can! I would recommend joining AAF and attending all agency meetings to discover the agencies you are most interested in. Also, make an effort to attend College of Media events and meet new people. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors. Professors are a great resource, and everyone in the College Media is very welcoming!

—Interview by Lauren Barjami, New Voices Intern

Megann Billedo