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Mobile and social media best practices from journalists and other industries are the focus of the MobileMe&You2 Conference, held simultaneously in Chicago and San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 28. The conference continues Saturday, Oct. 29, in Chicago only. Co-sponsored by the Knight Chair in Investigative Reporting at the University of Illinois and the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, along with Northwestern University and the University of Nebraska, it promises to be one of the cutting edge journalism conferences offered this year.

At the conference, learn how to reach your future audience. Learn how to get them to interact with you. Learn why you should understand that Snapchat is a reporting tool, not a selfie app.

Topics to be discussed are

  • Snap journalism – how to reach youth on Snapchat
  • Drone journalism – what you need to know about aerial video and 3D mapping
  • Sensor journalism - the newest approaches and projects
  • 360 journalism – giving stories a new viewpoint
  • VR journalism – putting the audience into your story
  • Student journalists – a student panel on how to use mobile tools like a mobile native
  • Audience for mobile, wearable and drone journalism
  • Mobile media and the Hispanic audience
  • Creating mobile apps or websites
  • Updates on mobile journalism research
  • Creating mobile newsrooms

Speakers include Yusuf Omar, mobile editor of the Hindustan (India) Times, who is building a mobile team of 750 journalists; Jim Brady, former editor of Digital First Media and current CEO of Spirited Media, which operates the mobile news platform Billy Penn in Philadelphia and the soon-to-launch The Incline in Pittsburgh; and Almar Latour, publisher of the Dow Jones Media Group. There will be a series of workshops offered on Saturday.

Registration is $99 in Chicago (two days) and $80 in San Francisco (one day).

Register for the Chicago conference site here.

Register for the San Francisco conference site here.

Here’s the schedule. Here’s the list of speakers - a phenomenal gathering of mobile media experts.

Please contact Pam Dempsey pamelagdempsey@investigatemidwest.org or Brant Houston at houstonb@illinois.edu