New assistant director to lead Media Career Services

Daniel Almanza

In his new role as assistant director of career services at the College of Media, Daniel Almanza looks forward to collaborating with departments and faculty to offer a robust set of career-related programming so that students can learn about various media industries, types of job positions available, and top skills sought by media employers.

“I am really interested in combining my public relations and career services experience to help our Media students as they navigate their pre- and post-graduation journey,” Almanza said. “I am also able to share my industry experiences with students as they start their careers.” 

For the spring semester, Almanza is continuing the very popular Media Career Night panels, initiated last year via Zoom, that invite alumni to share their professional experiences with Media students. He will also host resume and cover letter review sessions and is organizing networking events to facilitate connections between students and media experts.

“We are really excited to have Daniel join the College of Media,” said Katie Clark, senior assistant dean for student services. “Through programming and events, he will be a great support to College of Media students as they prepare for internships and future jobs.” 

Almanza looks forward to advising students and encourages them to think outside the box in finding opportunities. He also underscored that students should attend as many different career-related events as possible, regularly check the Media Career Services newsletter to find work opportunities or alumni mentoring connections, and also seek out their professors for general advice and to ask about job or internship prospects. 

“I am passionate about working with students as I had several great mentors who helped me in my career journey,” he said. “I strive to help and mentor students as they begin to identify their career goals.” 

Almanza has helped students at the University of Illinois for several years. Previously, he held positions at the Division of General Studies, The Career Center, and the Department of Communication. Most recently, Almanza was an academic learning skills specialist in DGS. In that role, he created the Student Success Toolkit website; worked with students from low-income, first-generation, and/or underrepresented groups in an enrichment experience program; and taught a course called Preparation for 21st Century Challenges. 

He also has experience serving as a career counselor, managing networking events, teaching public speaking and public relations courses, and advising a PR student organization.

Almanza graduated from Illinois State University with a master’s in communication studies and a bachelor’s in public relations and minors in political science and mass communication. 

—Da Yeon Eom, Communications and Marketing Intern