New grad Schellenberger creates podcast about advertising industry

Geno Schellenberger (BS '20, advertising) created an advertising and media podcast called "Breaking & Entering" to help students and recent graduates break into the industry and then thrive once they're there. 

"I started this podcast because I realized the struggle to find internships and entry-level careers as an advertising major," he said. "Hearing stories of those who made it at their dream job often sounded like they pulled off a grand heist. A combination of strategy, persistence, and luck—I noticed there were common themes in these break-in stories. By sharing these stories, we can equip students with the skill set, and mindset, to set their own goals and achieve them."

So far, the podcast has featured professors, recent alumni, and some CEOs. Future interviews will include the president of the American Advertising Federation, a former Ad Age editor, and representatives from ad agencies such as Leo Burnett and Deutsch. Listeners gain realistic strategies to get their foot in the door of their dream industry, and guests typically share their contact information to foster a network with listeners. 

Schellenberger welcomes College of Media alumni to contact him if they are interested in being a guest on the podcast. He can be reached via LinkedIn. "I constantly shout out the Sandage Department of Advertising and credit them for their great work," he said.

"Breaking & Entering" is available on multiple platforms:

Schellenberger is joined by another alum, Buchun Jiang (BS '20, advertising and psychology), who serves as the podcast's art director, and Michael Melarkey, the audio technician.

Geno Schellenberger