A Test of the News in the Post-Truth Era

12-1 p.m.


Professor Mira Sotirovic, Karin and Folke Dovring Scholar in Propaganda in the Department of Journalism, presents this talk as part of the University YMCA's "The State of Democracy: Fall Friday Forum Series."

A century ago, journalists Walter Lippmann and Charles Merz tested the accuracy of The New York Times coverage of the Russian Revolution and concluded it was “nothing short of a disaster." They said that The New York Times had “seriously mislead a whole nation.” How would the news media fare in a similar test today when the facts are incessantly checked but the truth remains elusive? The post-truth era requires rethinking of news values and reexamining of journalistic objectivity. The news values determine what is fit to publish, and objectivity is achieved by fairness and balance in reporting.

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