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Jason Chambers

  •     History of advertising
  •     History of marketing
  •     Multiculturalism
  •     Thomas J. Burrell


    Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry 

Brittany Duff

  •     Attention and perception, particularly consumer inattention
  •     Multitasking and ad avoidance
  •     Consumer perception of content cues 
  •     Product packaging, multimedia processing, labeling effects

Chang-Dae Ham

  • Persuasion knowledge, persuasion resistance, bias in persuasion, and ad skepticism
  • Brand and media personality
  • Consumer behaviors in digital advertising 

Jacqueline C. Hitchon 

  •     Response to and processing of advertising
  •     Advertising recall, thoughts and feelings, attitudes and behavioral intentions.
  •     The Thin Ideal
  •     Political advertising

Michelle R. Nelson 

  •     Product placement in entertainment, information and games
  •     Advertising literacy
  •     Use of media literacy to promote healthier behaviors among children and adolescents

Sela Sar 

  •     Advertising and Media Effects; mood, emotions, perceptions, memory, judgment and decision making related to social/health communications
  •     Effects of mood and emotion on information processing in social ads and brand ads
  •     Strategic communication in traditional and new media environments

Jan Slater

  •     Branding
  •     Media analysis
  •     Advertising education
  •     Global advertising

Hari Sundaram 

  •     Analysis of collective behavior (including group formation, identifying influentials, information diffusion, network sampling, economic incentives) in online and mobile social networks
  •     Computational advertising (including algorithmic ad creation, behavioral profiling, context awareness)

Patrick Vargas 

  •     Measurement of attitude including bias
  •     Formation and change of attitudes

John G. Wirtz

  •     Influence of conversation on response to advertising    
  •     Messaging related to health behaviors
  •     Public relations

Kevin Wise

  •     Cognition and emotion during media use
  •     Physical interactions with media
  •     Psychophysiology