Q&A with MCS

Q: What is a mock interview?  And, why should I do one?

A: A mock interview is a “practice” interview.  To get started, you can practice with a friend or family member.  Or, you can schedule one with a career service professional via Media Career Services or The Career Center.  And, if the situation presents itself, you could even mock interview with an industry professional. 

The purpose of a mock interview is to become comfortable talking about yourself, your accomplishments and experiences, and reasons why you are a good fit for a company or position.  During a mock interview at MCS, we spend the majority of our time working on behavioral interview questions and helping you learn to use the STAR method to answer with animated examples.

When you schedule an appointment with MCS for a mock interview (using I-Link), you should plan on a 60-minute appointment.  For an approximation of how the appointment goes, we spend the first 5 minutes getting to know you, the next 35 minutes role playing a behavioral interview, and the last 20 minutes providing feedback and answering questions.

We hope to help you prepare for your next interview!

If you have questions or feedback on this topic or others, please write to us @IllinoisMCS or media-careerservices@illinois.edu.  

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