Our faculty members work in interdisciplinary teams on research opportunities. Here are some examples of recent grant acquisitions.

Dr. Brittany Duff (PI), with Co PIs: Dr. Katie Abrams, Dr. Michelle R. Nelson, Dr. Kiel Christianson, Dr. Diana Grigsby
Assistant Professor of Advertising, Brittany Duff, and a group of co-investigators have been awarded a Campus Research Board Grant. They will begin work on a study to determine how parent’s and children’s perceptions of snack products may be influenced by packaging cues.

Prof. Duff is the PI; co-investigators are: Kiel Christianson, Associate Professor, Education; Michelle Nelson, Associate Professor, Advertising; Diana Grigsby, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health; and Katie Abrams, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Communications

Dr. Brittany Duff, Dr. Michelle Nelson, Dr. Jan Slater, with: PI Dr. Christian Sandvig, Brant Houston, Dr. Lisa Nakamura, Matt Crain (ICR, Ph.D. student)
The College of Media has received a curriculum development seed grant from the Illinois Informatics Institute to support a new project focusing on integrating digital media education as a foundation throughout the college’s academic programs.

The grant is part of the Institute’s iCUBED project funded by the National Science Foundation. iCUBED aims to cultivate computational and information technology expertise across all baccalaureate education at the University of Illinois.

With the assistance of the grant, the college launched a "Digital Media First" curriculum development project that targets the introductory undergraduate experiences in the Departments of Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, and Advertising. The project will complement the other digital media courses already offered at the upper-division level, such as "Multimedia Journalism," "New Media, Culture, and Society," and "Advertising and Informatics."

The project will be led by Christian Sandvig, associate professor of media and cinema studies. The project team consists of Matt Crain, doctoral candidate in communications; Brittany Duff, assistant professor of advertising; Brant Houston, Knight Chair in Enterprise Reporting; Lisa Nakamura, professor of media and cinema studies; Michelle Nelson, professor of advertising, and Jan Slater, interim dean and professor of advertising.

Dr. Brittany Duff (PI), with Co PIs: Dr. Tiffany Barnett White, Dr. Alejandro Llerasm
Dr. Brittany Duff, Assistant Professor of Advertising, Institute of Communications Research, along with Tiffany Barnett White, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Bruce and Anne Strohm Faculty Fellow, and Alejandro Llerasm Associate Professor of Psychology, Beckman Institute, were granted a $2,000 grant from the Provost's Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Committee for their proposal for a Social and Consumer Psychology Research Brownbag Series. Topics of the series will be draw from many disciplines to take a consumer-centered approach to research. The goal of the Provost fund is to help build a vibrant community around social scientific research at Illinois. Look for future announcements for the times and locations of the brownbag series. 

Dr. Katie Abrams (PI): United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 
Advertising and Agricultural Communications Professor Katie Abrams is on a team that was recently awarded a $598,616 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Program. Abrams is a co-principal investigator leading the project in Illinois. The three-year project will equip beginning farmers and ranchers with the knowledge of and ability to use online marketing tools to make informed marketing decisions to promote their agricultural operations. It is a multi-institutional grant with agricultural communications faculty from Texas Tech University (lead institution) and the University of Georgia. Read the USDA announcement