The results for the FALL 2015 administration of student ratings of instructors has been announced. Results are based on Instructor and Course Evaluation (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

This list is based on ICES forms filled in by students during the Fall semester of 2015. Only those instructors who gave out ICES forms at least once during this time period and who released their data for publication are included in the list.

T.A. - Teaching Assistant
* - The instructor ratings were outstanding

Jason Chambers
Brett Clifton
Brittany Duff *
Mary Lee Gilliland
Steve Hall
Chang Dae Ham
Shachar Meron *
Michelle Nelson
Steve Raquel
Peter Sheldon
Patrick Vargas
John Wirtz
Kevin Wise

Chris Benson
Janice Collins *
Stephanie Craft
Leon Dash
Matt Ehrlich
Ken Erdey *
Jennifer Follis
Benjamin Holden
Lynn Holley *
Rich Martin
Jean McDonald
Eric Meyer
Ryann Monahan
John Paul
Alecia Swasy *
Lex Tate

Shannon Cate
Anita Chan
CL Cole *
Meghan Grosse  TA
Alicia Kozma TA
Julian Parrott *
Jay Rosenstein
Andrea Ruehlicke
Julie Turnock
Megan Zwilling