We are offering numerous options, taught by experts in the field to help yearbook, newspaper and media advisers and their students sharpen their proficiency in selected areas of interest and skill. These are preliminary. Please check back often to see additional sessions and expanded descriptions of sessions.

Majoring in Journalism in College: What You Can Do to Prepare Now!
Julian Parrott, U of I College of Media Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Services 
Lisa Wells, Chicago Visiting Recruiter
Find out how to position yourself as the ideal journalism school candidate by gaining valuable insights from the College of Media. Get tips about course work and extracurricular activities designed to impress admissions. Questions welcome! 
IU Room 209

Listening Will Make You a Better Leader
Jennifer Follis, Senior Lecturer, U of I Department of Journalism
Your staff doesn’t want you to tell them what to do. But they need you to help them sets goals and meet deadlines. If you develop your own listening skills, you will find your way to motivating your team for creative results of which everyone can be proud. Jennifer Follis teaches at the University of Illinois. She focuses on editing, science writing, and introducing large numbers of students to journalism in the Introduction to Journalism class. She enjoys the IJEA conference because she herself got her start in journalism as editor of the "Superstition" yearbook at Mesa High School in Arizona.
IU Room 210

So, You Want to be a Film Critic...
Chuck Koplinski, Champaign News-Gazette, Springfield Illinois Times and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Chicago Film Critics Association.
Since the coming of the internet, the number of so called film critics has grown to the point where it seems as though anyone with a laptop and an opinion have created a movie review site. As a result, the art of film criticism has been severely compromised. This session will cover what sort of background is necessary to become a legitimate critic as well as how to approach writing distinctive film criticism. 

Module Content & Design
Conor O’Brien, Mike Budak & Trent Shauster - Jostens
We can help MOD your yearbook! Creating beautiful layouts can be tough, but we will show you some ways to capture and display content in an exciting way. Budak, Schauster, and O'Brien are local Jostens Reps within Illinois. The trio have taught summer workshops, fall workshops, and judged state level journalism competitions.
IU 314-B

Broadcasting and the Magic of Multimedia 
Janice Collins – U of I Department of Journalism
Bringing Broadcasting into your learning space is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. 1-Equipment. 2-Structure. 3-Execution. Emmy award winning broadcast journalist, Dr. Janice Marie Collins, will explain and illustrate each step to get your Broadcasting element up and going in no time.
IU Room 405

Taking Your Journalism Game to College
Staff of the Daily Illini, WPGU & Illio
What is it like to work for a collegiate newspaper or yearbook in college? In this session a panel of reporters/editors & writers from the award winning Daily Illni and Illio will be here to talk about that exciting journey and answer your questions regarding what it’s like to cover news sports ,events and people at a major university. In addition the panel will be happy to answer your questions and concerns as high school journalists about your own newspaper and yearbook because they’ve been there and done that! 
IU Room 406