End-of-Semester Dates & Deadlines

By September 7: Your ePortfolio is due in its final form (including all blog entries), and your evaluations (mid and final) must be turned in to me (or posted to your ePortfolio site). Please also send the ePortfolio site address, if you haven't already, by this date, to jrhogue@illinois.edu.    

By September 10: If you are unable to attend INTERN BASH because you have class, you will need to email Jessica Hogue (jrhogue@illinois.edu) a screenshot of your "Week at a Glance" schedule that shows you will be in class during the event. All other requests for absence will be reviewed on an individual basis, as the Intern Bash is a requirement of the course.

By September 13: Send Jessica Hogue (jrhogue@illinois.edu) a photo of you at your internship or a headshot, in addition to the following information:  Name, Year, Major, any minors or certificates, Employer, Job Title and 3-5 bullets about your role at your internship. Please see an example “Info Sheet” here. This “info sheet” will go on the table in front of you, so it is really important that you send the information needed to create it, or you will not have one. 

September 21: Participate in INTERN BASH. See below for details.

Between September 24 & October 8: Complete the survey - MCS: Summer 2018 495 Internship Course (Students) – that will be emailed to you.


Details for INTERN BASH

I hope that you are looking forward to showcasing your ePortfolio at the INTERN BASH in a few weeks.  Here are the specifics of what you will need to know:

Date: Friday, September 21,  2 - 4 p.m. (Please arrive by 1:45 p.m. to set up beforehand, if possible.)

Location: Gregory Hall, Communications Library – Lower Level. 

Bring with you: ePortfolio on a FULLY CHARGED laptop (as there will be very few electrical outlets for charging during the event)

First, check in at the registration table in the Communications Library approximately 15 minutes before the event start time (if possible) and receive directions to your display area. Then, be prepared to discuss your internship with faculty, staff and other students that want to hear about your awesome experience!

Dress: Casual attire is acceptable for this event

Don’t have a laptop to display your ePortfolio on? If this is the case, please let Jessica Hogue (jrhogue@illinois.edu) know as soon as possible.