A number of faculty and students are participating in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference. AEJMC is a nonprofit organization of more than 3,700 educators, students and practitioners from around the globe.  The annual conference features sessions on teaching, research and public service in the various components of journalism and mass communication — from advertising and public relations to electronic and online journalism to media management and newspapers.

Sessions include:

Refereed Paper Research Session: Product Placement
Moderating/Presiding: Chang-Dae Ham

Teaching Panel Session: Preparing Your Students for a World of Disability
Panelists: Leon Dash

Refereed Paper Research Session
Advertising and Social Media
Only Other People Post Food Photos on Facebook: How Social Media Fits into Our Lives and The Third Person Effect
Giang Pham, Matthew Shancer, Danyang Guo, Tao Jailin, Yi Peng, Yanyun Wang and Michelle Nelson

Award Panel Session
Gerald M. Sass Award for Distinguished Service to Journalism and Mass Communication
Introduction of Recipient: Jan Slater
2016 Recipient: Marty Baron, The Washington Post

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and Scripps Howard Foundation
Research Panel Session
Tweet This: Two Weeks on the Social Media Frontlines
Panelist: Eric Meyer

Advertising Division
Business Session
New Members’ Meeting and Faculty-Graduate Student Interaction
Moderating/Presiding: Sela Sar

Newspaper and Online News Division
Topic III — Global Perspectives
Can Breaking News Coverage Fix Lack of Governmental Openness? A Case Study of Content Strategies at Egypt’s Increasing Popular Youm7 Online Newspaper
Ahmed Orabi and Eric Meyer

Topic VII — Social Media and Data Analytics
5 Ways that BuzzFeed is Transforming (or Preserving?) the Journalistic Field
Discussant: Eric Meyer
Journalists Researching Big Data: A Study of Research Methods and Processes in Big Data Journalism
Discussant: Eric Meyer

Electronic News Division
Panel Session
Fatal Attraction: Election 2016 and the Electronic Media
Panelist: Mira Sotirovic

Mass Communication and Society Division
Refereed Paper Research Session: Media Literacy Socialization “Not Strawberry Shortcake Again!”: Exploring Parental Mediation of Pre-School Children’s Book Selection and Book Reading in a Library Setting
Regina Ahn and Michelle Nelson

Advertising Division
Refereed Paper Research Session
Advertising Division Top Papers
Discussant: John Wirtz

Sports Communication and Religion and Media Interest Groups
Research Panel Session
Sports, Religion, and Media: Exploring a Postmodern Belief System
Panelist: Jan Slater

Advertising Division
Business Session
Members’ Meeting
Moderating/Presiding: Sela Sar

Advertising and Communication Theory and Methodology Divisions and Entertainment Studies Interest Group
Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session
Advertising Division
Topic — Strategic Effects
Beyond Gains and Losses to Compliance and Non-compliance: Effects of Framing, Need-for-Cognition and Mood on Responses to Organic Food Advertising
Sela Sar

Topic — Information Processing
Positive News Are Better Than Negative News
in Improving Brand Attitude and Recall for Pre-Roll Ads
Jiachen Yao, Zongyuan Wang, and Mike Yao

Entertainment Studies Interest Group and Magazine Division
Research Panel Session
The Image of the Paparazzi: Nightcrawlers and Visual Voyeurs
Moderating/Presiding: Matthew Ehrlich

Korean American Communication Association
Refereed Paper Research Session
KACA Refereed Research Session II/Business Meeting
Moderating/Presiding: Chang-Dae Ham

Advertising Division
Refereed Paper Research Session
Native Advertising
Moderating/Presiding: Brittany Duff

Law and Policy Division
Refereed Paper Research Session
Digital Threats and Free Speech Implications
Unmasking the Anonymous Cyberbully: A New Approach
Ben Holden

Pictured below: Gian Pham (M.S. Student, Advertising) presenting research: ""Only Other People Post Food Photos on Facebook: How Social Media Fits into Our Lives and The Third Person Effect," in the Advertising Division at AEJMC.