Proper Attire for the Event:  Business Casual – if you need an idea of what this might look like, check out our Pinterest pages for inspiration.


What to Bring: 

  • Something to take notes with (while an electronic device is acceptable, I would encourage you to stick with pen and paper so that alumni won't wonder if you are taking notes, checking social media, or shopping online);
  • Copies of your resume (if you have one), especially if you have selected to participate in the Round-robin Resume Reviews…and because you never know who might want to take one;
  • Business cards, if you have them, as you may want to pass them out at the networking event; and
  • Cell phone for live tweeting and insta’ing during the event using the hashtag #ConnectWindyCity and tag @IllinoisMCS on Twitter or Instagram.

How to Prepare:

  • Think about questions that you want answered…because these are the people to ask!
  • Do some research on the fields that interest you and check out what trends are happening in the industry; you want to be able to ask informed questions, if possible (but, it is also okay to ask questions about things that you know nothing about as this is an opportunity to learn).
  • Look at the schedule and take time to learn about the moderator and panelists for the sessions that you have selected to attend. It will be good to have an understanding of their career paths and area(s) of expertise so that your questions can be targeted based on their experiences. 

Twitter/Instagram: To find out more and follow along via Twitter and Instagram, see the MCS handle (@IllinoisMCS) and use the hashtag: #ConnectWindyCity


At the event, we will have a program that will include contact information for the keynote/moderator/panelist/resume and portfolio reviewer/roundtable host participants (i.e., email addresses and social media handles), as well as proposed subjects “students should ask me about.” This is to help you start conversations with the participants and to connect with them post-event.This is a great opportunity for you, so be prepared to ask lots of questions and interact with as many people as you can while having quality conversations with them.  

Questions? Email