Michelle Nelson

Associate Professor Michelle R. Nelson has been named president of the American Academy of Advertising. She began her term at the Annual Conference of the AAA in Boston on March 25, 2017. A longtime contributor to AAA, Nelson has also served as Vice President of the organization and as a member of the publications committee.

Illinois has a long history of leadership in the organization: 14 past presidents of the AAA either received their degree from Illinois (M.S. Advertising or Ph.D. Communication, ICR) or were professors in the Department of Advertising. They are: Herbert Jack Rotfeld, Dean Krugman, Richard F. Beltramini, Bruce Vanden Bergh, Helen Katz, Patricia A. Stout, Kim B. Rotzoll, John D. Leckenby, Nancy Stephens, Donald R. Glover, Donald W. Jungenheimer, Alan D. Fletcher, Arnold M. Barban and S. Watson Dunn.

 Michelle Nelson headshot