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The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication held its annual conference Aug. 9 – 12 in Chicago. A number of faculty and staff participated in the conference presenting research, moderating panels and sharing their expertise.


Preconference session: Reinventing Advertising and Advertising Education
Moderator/Presiding: Jan Slater, with the help of Dave Kissel ’85 JOURN, Global Business Lead, DDB 

Kissel and Slater








Emerging Issues in Media Law; Law and Policy Division
Teaching Award Winner: Benjamin Holden
Holden won second place in the New Teaching Ideas competition. The idea was based on his Media Law class which is cross-listed with the law school. The class combined undergraduates and law students and converted the law students into "player-coaches" periodically to help explain difficult legal concepts and to serve as team leaders of Holden’s Moot Court competition.

Community Journalism Interest Group and Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship Divisions
Teaching Panel Session: Teaching the Business of Community Journalism in the 21st Century
Panelist: Eric Meyer

Collins presenting her research


Commission on the Status of Women and Advertising Division
Research Panel Session: Advertising and the F-Word: What’s Race, Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Ethnicity Got to Do With It?
Panelist: Janice Marie Collins

Collins presenting Hear My Voice


Visual Communication and Communication Technology Divisions PF&R Panel Session
Best of Digital Competition — Website From Single Class/Institution
Second Place:
Janice Marie Collins, Christine La and Anisa McClinton


Advertising and Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk Divisions
Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session - Advertising Division
Ethical and Societal Implications of Advertising
Discussant: Chang Dae Ham


Chen Chen and Jie Shen with the research poster


Examining Applications of Advertising to News Websites and Emerging Media Platforms
“Really Being There?”: Telepresence in Virtual Reality Branded Content
Jie Shen, Michelle Stenger, Julia Lechowicz, Chen Chen, Rachel Yang, Aparna Sivasakaran, Yanyun Wang, Ji Zhang, Yixin Zou and Michelle Nelson from Illinois and Helen Katz, Publicis Media Analytics & Insight


Sar with his research poster



The Impact of Mood and Emotion on Attitudes and Intentions
The Influence of Mood States on Information Seeking and Evaluations of Advertised Novel-Shaped Fruit: The Moderating Roles of Variety-Seeking Trait
Sela Sar, Supathida Kulpavaropas, and Lulu Rodriguez



Ryu with research poster


Examining the Role of Visual Images on Advertising Content and Its Effectiveness
Visuals, Inferences, and Consumers’ Biased Information Seeking
Sann Ryu and Patrick Vargas



Pham with research poster



Novel Approaches to Improving Health Outcomes
Delivering Social Support Online: Implications of Verbal-Centeredness for Mass-Mediated Health
Giang Pham and John Wirtz



Ledford presenting his winning work

Visual Communication Division Refereed Paper Research Session
Creative Research in Visual Communication
Second Place: America First, Everyone Else Last: The (Un)Intended Consequences of the 2017 Global Gag Rule
Charles “Stretch” Ledford
Third Place: The Luckiest Unlucky Person: When a Half-Mile Away from a Gun Range is Too Close
Charles “Stretch” Ledford


Wirtz with graduate students



Advertising Division Refereed Paper Research Session
Who Am I? Examining How Identity, Self-Schemas and Self-Brand Congruity Are Manifested in Advertising Content and Effects
Discussant: John Wirtz



Feng with her award



Media Ethics Division Refereed Paper Research Session
Ethical Practice Makes Perfect: Expectations of Journalists and Journalism
Spotlight: Virtuous Journalism in Practice (First Place Student Paper)
Yayu Feng
Discussant: Stephanie Craft

Yayu Feng also received the Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii/AEJMC Award during the KTA Awards Luncheon.



Communication Technology and Newspaper and Online News Divisions
Advertising and Public Relations Divisions High Density Refereed Paper Research Session
Outstanding Divisional Papers
Danger or Fear? Examining Consumers’ Blocking Intention of Online Behavioral Advertising: Integration of the Persuasion Knowledge Model and the Extended Parallel Processing Model (Third Place Advertising Division Open Research)
Chang-Dae Ham

Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session - Communication Technology Division
Topic — Scholarship and University Communication
An Analysis of Google Scholar Profiles of Mass Communication Faculty at U.S. Research Universities
John Wirtz, Sann Ryu, David Ross and Rachel Yang

Korean American Communication Association Refereed Paper Research Session II
Moderating/Presiding: Chang-Dae Ham

Cultural and Critical Studies and Media Ethics Divisions
Teaching Panel Session
Are We Part of the Problem or the Solution? Teaching for Change: Addressing Marginalization in College Classrooms and Newsrooms through Leadership Development
Moderating/Presiding: Janice Marie Collins

Advertising Division Refereed Paper Research Session
Ads That Don’t Look Like Ads: Exploring the Effectiveness of Native Advertising, Brand Sponsorships, and Social Media Influencers
Antecedents of Consumers’ Avoidance of Native Advertising on Social Media: Social Media-related Factors, Institution-based Trust Factors, and Ad Perceptions
Chang-Dae Ham

Communicating Science, Health, Environment and Risk Division Refereed Paper Research Session
Health Campaigns: Persuasion for Public Health
What Is There? What Is Not? A Thematic Analysis of Social Norms Campaigns About Binge Drinking for College Students
Amanda Mabry-Flynn